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What Does A “Cynic” Mean? What Are Some Examples?

A cynic is someone that no matter what will always look at the negative of the situation. He/she will convince him/herself that a particular situation, thing, or event or a person he/she is criticizing could have done better or can be better.

Cynicism is basically too much unnecessary criticism of anything. Suppose if someone becomes the president of the entire world even if there such a position existed, a cynic will find something bad or negative about that person no matter what.

Another example is if someone reaches the moon, a cynic would not applaud but would find a reason to see the negative in the person who has achieved this feat of reaching the moon. A cynic would say, “well he is yet to reach mars”, hence not that good of a feat. And suppose the person who has reached the moon also is able to reach Mars, then the cynic would say, well that person has yet to reach Jupiter, hence not worthy of my respect. Basically, a cynic has a convincing evidence which is based on truth, but that truth is just his/her way of looking at the negative of a situation or a person.

No one is cynic entirely, but the majority of the people in this world especially the media is incredibly cynical nowadays. The wise don’t indulge in cynicism because, indulging in cynicism creates stress in a person, so the wise would rather be in peace and contentment and they accept people as they are, without seeing the negative or the positive.


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