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How Saints Are Declared As Saints?

Very recently, there’s a debate that is happening around the world, that whether Mother Teresa was a saint or not? I thought why not share my opinion on who’s a saint and who’s not. According to Gurbani, only saints can recognize other saints, nobody else. If somebody is proclaiming to be a saint, be very careful, if you are a saint yourself, you’ll recognise her/him instantly.

You can do your own research on any spiritual authority in this world, all of them will proclaim this as true, that only saints can recognize other saints.


“brahmgyaani ki gat brahmgyaani jaane”.- Guru Arjan Dev ji

Here “brahmgyaani” means the one who has reached sainthood. And the whole quote means, only the saint can truly understand the other saint.

If I proclaim to have reached sainthood, you should not believe me, but should do your own research, and reach conclusions. They say, that only 1 in a 10 million in this world have reached sainthood. By that number there would be around, 700 saints out of 7 billion people.

“Nisdin maya karne, prani dolat neet kotan mein Nanak kou, Narayan jeh cheet”- Guru Tegh Bahadur.

The quote means, “everyday for materialistic things, the individual gets swayed, very few rare (1 in a 10 million) individual, keeps the Lord in his/her present mind.”

“Kotan” means 1 crore, which is 10 million in US metric systems.


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